Driver Apprehended after Fatal Hit-and-Run with Motorcycle

Misconceptions surround the truth when it comes to motorcycle accidents in Chicago. One common belief is that bikers risk their own safety by operating in conditions that are less than ideal, increasing the risks that a collision will take place. In fact, though, more than 90 percent of all motorcycle collisions that happen in the state of Illinois take place on clear days and on dry pavement.

Bikers usually are very cautious when it comes to how they drive and as a group, they tend to avoid dangerous situations whenever possible. Some exercise extreme caution when the approach an intersection even if they have the right-of-way, out of a fear that motorists will either fail to see them or fail to respect their rights. And these concerns are valid as some of the safest bikers in the Chicago area are injured on a regular basis due to the actions of others, including those that drive cars.

Once a crash takes place, the consequences of that impact cannot be undone or erased, leaving anyone hurt in that accident to pick up the pieces and move forward with his or her life. That can include countless trips to see doctors, weeks or even months of rehabilitative care, surgeries, nursing assistance, and even occupational therapy. Beyond the medical aspect, injuries may prevent a victim from work and from earning a living or may cause a victim to endure pain and suffering while his or her injuries heal. The worst incidents claim the lives of someone involved and cause the suffering of that crash to spread beyond the victim who is killed and to that victim’s family members, loved ones, and friends.

Now, police in unincorporated Antioch have confirmed that a collision between a motorcyclist and a passenger vehicle happened on Wednesday morning there and that the biker lost his life as a result. The suspected driver of the passenger car is facing charges for her role in the collision and is being held in lieu of bail at this time where it remains unclear whether she will post bail.

The accident happened around 4:00 a.m. on Route 173 near North Linden Lane and involved only the motorcycle and a car. It is not yet clear why the two vehicles collided but authorities claim that the 34-year-old female driver of the car fled the scene after the impact, without checking on the biker and without alerting authorities. Approximately six hours later, the suspected driver called police and informed them that she was in a crash with a biker and that she left the scene out of fear, leading authorities to arrest her and charge her with leaving the scene of a collision and failing to render aid.

Tragically, the 50-year-old male riding the motorcycle lost his life due to the injuries he sustained in the collision.



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