Chicago Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Reach Settlement

Personal injury lawyers from David Abels & Associates, P.C. have reached a settlement for a Chicago resident who strained his right shoulder while carrying an object up a latter at work. He treated at Alexian Brothers Medical Center and followed up at Westgate Orthopaedics in Oak Park. His case settled for $6,000 and his bills were paid for. The defendant was insured by Frankenmuth Insurance Company.

Work comp lawyers from our firm also reached a settlement for another Chicago resident who was injured at work when he tripped and fell at work. He sustained soft tissue back and neck injuries. He treated at Westlake Hospital and Chicago Orthopaedic Associates. Our client received disability pay while he was off work for over 11 weeks, his medical bills were paid, and we negotiated a $5,200 bodily injury settlement for him as well. The defendant was insured by AIG.

The two cases listed above are not big cases and do not involve the most serious of injuries, but we like to list results from big and small cases as all of our clients are important to us.

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