Chicago slip and fall attorneys settle lawsuit against Illinois food store

Illinois premises liability lawyers at Abels & Annes, working with co-counsel Howard Ankin, have reached a settlement with a Chicago area grocery store stemming from a October 23, 2006 slip and fall accident.

Our client was shopping in a grocery store in Cicero, Illinois with family members. When she turned a corner and walked into the cookie and juice aisle, she slipped and fell on a piece of meat that had been dropped on the floor. Upon inspection, it appeared that the food had on the floor for an unreasonable amount of time and that it should have been discovered by store employees before my client slipped and fell.

The plaintiff was taken by a Chicago Fire Department ambulance to MacNeal Hospital. She had sustained left shoulder, neck and left leg injuries in the accident.

The plaintiff went through further medical treatment with an orthopedic physician in Chicago. The doctor also referred her to physical consisted of therapeutic exercises, electric stimulation, heat treatment and ultrasound therapy.

After the grocery stores initial investigation, they denied liability stating they were not negligent or unreasonable in maintaining and inspecting their premises. Due to the denial a lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County.

The case settled prior to going to trial for $32,500.

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