Chicago Injury Lawyers Reach Lake County Auto Accident Settlement

Accident attorneys from Abels & Annes, P.C. have reached a settlement from a claim that arose out of an automobile collision which took place on October 21, 2006. Our client was driving eastbound on Route 60, stopped in traffic at it’s intersection with Peterson Road in Round Lake Park, Illinois. At that time the defendant rear-ended the plaintiff. The impact was hard enough to push our client’s car into a vehicle in front of her.

At the time of collision, our client struck her head on the seat cushion behind her. Following the collision she had head pain, and she believes she had a loss of consciousness. That evening she seemed confused and disoriented. She also had neck pain.

The following day she went to the ER at Good Shepard Hospital. There she complained of a severe headache and left sided neck pain. A CT scan was taken, which was negative. She was diagnosed with a closed head injury and a check wall contusion. She was also instructed to follow up with a doctor.

Our client did not follow up with a doctor, however over the next 2-3 weeks her headaches remained, and her neck pain lasted several weeks as well.

Even though she did not seek follow up treatment, we were able to obtain a good car accident settlement for her. After attorney’s fees and costs are paid, she will receive several thousand dollars for her injuries.

The case was settled without having to file a lawsuit.

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