Chicago, Illinois Resident Charged With DUI In Hit & Run Car vs. Pedestrian Accident

In Chicago, Illinois a South Loop resident has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol stemming from a hit and run pedestrian accident that happened on the near north side, according to the Chicago Tribune. The victim in the Chicago pedestrian vs. car accident was Ruben Zarco, 51. He was paying cab fare in the 1500 block of North Kingsbury when the DUI driver sideswiped the cab, hit Zarco, and then fled the scene.

Zarco was injured and taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago in reportedly stable condition. The driver was ticketed with DUI, striking a pedestrian in the roadway and leaving the scene of an accident. The accident happened early Friday morning just after 2 am. The location of the accident has a very active nightlife with several clubs and restaurants in the immediate area.

From a Chicago injury lawyer’s view, Zarco could potentially have multiple claims to look into. First, there is a strong negligence case is against the driver that hit him. Once Zarco retains an injury lawyer, the first thing counsel will do is investigate who the DUI driver had auto insurance with, and then move forward with an injury claim from there.

The lawyer may also look into a potential dram shop case. There are so many drinking establishments in the area, it is possible that the driver was overserved at a bar in the neighborhood. If an establishment did overserve the at fault driver, a dram shop claim could be made against the tavern that overserved him.

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