Chicago, Illinois Hit & Run Pedestrian Accident Claims Life Of Elgin Woman

A woman from Elgin was killed in a pedestrian accident on the South Side of Chicago early Sunday morning, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Ashley Brown, age 23, was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and pronounced dead just before 2 a.m.

Brown was involved in an accident around 1:20 a.m. at 75th and State Street in Chicago. Brown and another woman were struck by a vehicle as they were crossing the street on foot, according to Chicago Police. Both were taken to Northwestern Hospital and the other woman reportedly suffered a broken leg.

The women were reportedly struck by a Dodge Magnum, which is a large sport wagon. The vehicle fled the scene of the Chicago accident. The Chicago Police Department major accident investigation unit is working on the case. The Dodge Magnum is not a common vehicle, and anyone with information regarding the accident should contact the Chicago Police Department.

From the perspective of a Chicago injury lawyer, assuming that the at fault driver is never caught, Ashely Brown’s family, and the woman that suffered a broken leg, will be able to make hit & run personal injury claims on their own auto insurance policies. In the alternative, if the hit & run driver is somehow eventually caught, both women could bring negligence claims against the driver, and more significantly the driver would likely face serious criminal charges as well.

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