Chicago car crash lawyer reaches settlement for hospital department coordinator

A Chicago personal injury lawyer at Abels & Annes has resolved a claim for woman from the western suburbs stemming from a May, 2009 car accident. The accident occurred in LaGrange Illinois at 25 N. Lagrange Rd. just after 12 PM. The plaintiff was driving in traffic when she was rear-ended by the defendants motor vehicle.

The plaintiff, who is a department coordinator at a hospital the western suburbs, sustained injuries to her chest and ribs. After her pain remained over the next several days, she was seen at LaGrange Hospital. X-rays taken were negative for fracture.

Over the next two weeks her pain continued and on June 15, 2009 she followed up with an osteopathic doctor. At that time she was still having pain in her right rib and chest area.

Over the coming months, her pain remained. She saw the physician several more times in September and October. At several appointments, she also had complaints of back pain and her rib pain still did not go away.

At the beginning of 2010 she went to see a medical doctor. At that time his impression was chronic right mid low thoracic musculoskeletal pain following a motor vehicle accident. He recommended an MRI.

An MRI was taken in February, 2010 and the results were negative. At that time the physician said the pain should resolve on its own over time.

The case settled without having to file a lawsuit. State Farm Insurance is paying on the claim.

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