Chicago auto accident attorney takes on uninsured motorist claim

Illinois car crash lawyers at Abels & Annes are currently representing a Dolton, Illinois resident who was injured in an accident.

This claim arises out of an automobile collision which took place at or near the intersection of Lincoln and Dorchester in Dolton on August 11, 2011, at approximately 3:51 p.m. The plaintiff was riding as a passenger in a 2005 Toyota Sequoia being driven by an acquaintance. He was injured when the automobile he was a passenger in was side-swiped by a vehicle driven by an uninsured motorist.

The Toyota was moving northwest on Lincoln near its intersection with Dorchester. The vehicle stopped in the left-most lane, signaling a left turn into US Bank. At this location, left turns are permitted and there is no separate left turn lane for turning into the bank.

At that same time, another vehicle, in 1999 Ford Explorer, was traveling northwest on Lincoln near its intersection with Dorchester. That vehicle disregarded the turning vehicle and passed the vehicle on the left. The other driver drove northwest in a lane designated for southeast traffic only. As the Ford Explorer passed by driving on the wrong side of the road, the other driver struck the driver’s side of the Toyota with the passenger side of her car.

The force of the collision threw our client back and forth inside the car. His right shoulder struck the passenger door and his left wrist struck the center console.

The other driver failed to keep a proper lookout, improperly used lanes of traffic, improperly passed on the left, failed to yield the right of way, failed to stop and/or reduce the speed of her vehicle to avoid a collision, was driving at an excessive rate of speed, and failed to exercise due care for the safety of those in the area, including the plaintiff.

The accident was investigated by the Dolton Police Department. After interviewing the parties involved, they determined that the Ford driver was at fault.

Unfortunately, the driver of the Ford Explorer was operating a vehicle without valid auto insurance. Due to this fact, our office is pursuing an uninsured motorist claim against the Toyota owner’s insurance policy. Click here to read more about Illinois uninsured motorist claims.

Following the collision, the plaintiff had an immediate onset of back, shoulder and wrist pain.

Shortly after the collision, the client sought medical treatment at a doctor’s office. There, he complained of right shoulder pain and lower back pain. A history was taken and a physical examination was performed. On exam, he had pain on palpation of his lower back, pain in his right shoulder and decreased range of motion in his shoulder. He was diagnosed with a low back sprain and a right shoulder injury. He was prescribed muscle relaxants, instructed to take pain medication and told to follow up for additional treatment.

Due to ongoing and increasing pain, he returned to the physician on August 23, 2011. At that time he continued to complain of pain in his right shoulder and lower back. He was instructed to continue his medication and to return for follow up care.

On August 24, 2011, the plaintiff sought a second opinion from another physician. He complained of severe lower back pain, bilateral wrist pain that was worse with grasping or gripping, and right shoulder pain that was worse with movement. The doctor took a history and examined him. She found that he had limited range of motion in his shoulder and that he experienced pain upon examination of his right acromioclavicular joint. He also had limited range of motion and pain on palpation of his lumbar spine with muscle spasms. The doctor diagnosed him with lumbar sprain/strain, right shoulder muscololigamentous injury and bilateral wrist musculoligamentous injury. She ordered x-rays of his lumbar spine and right shoulder, instructed him to continue his medication and prescribed a course of physical and chiropractic therapy.

Pursuant to doctor’s orders he received x-rays of his lumbar spine and right shoulder on August 30, 2011. The x-rays of his lumbar spine showed anterior wedging of L2 and disc space narrowing at L5-S1. The x-rays of the right shoulder showed an irregularity at the glenohumeral joint.

Our client engaged in a course of physiotherapy treatment between August 24, 2011 and October 19, 2011 for a total of thirteen (13) sessions. He was discharged on October 27, 2011 after having reached maximum medical improvement.

At the time of his discharge and through the present day, he continues to experience pain in his right shoulder that has limited his ability to lift and carry objects as well as exercise. He continues to have limited range of motion in his shoulder as well.

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