Chicago Area Passenger Killed In Bishop Ford Crash — Chicago Injury Lawyers

A car accident in the Chicago area has resulted in the death of a 43 year old woman, according to the Southtown Star. The woman’s husband was driving the vehicle at the time of the December 23, 2008 accident.

The car crash occurred when the driver lost control of a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville, spun the car, came to a stop perpendicular to traffic in the northbound lanes, and was then hit by a passing semi truck.

The Southtown Star is reporting that there are DUI charges pending against the husband, but no charges have yet been filed. The husband was treated for minor injuries at the scene.

The deadly auto accident is being investigated by the Illinois State Police.

In this accident, the estate of the wife will be able to make a claim against the husband’s auto insurance policy for his negligence. While many people assume otherwise, this type of claim is not barred by Illinois law. Our law firm recently represented an Illinois family in a similar case.

It has not been reported if there is any liability on the part of the semi truck driver. The accident reconstruction done by the state police could possibly show that the truck driver was speeding, or that the accident was avoidable for some other reason.

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