2 Killed And 50 Injured In Bus Crash – Illinois Auto Accident Lawyer

In Corona, New Mexico at least fifty people were injured and two were killed when a tour bus rolled over late friday night, according to the Associated Press. The two fatalities were adults, and a nine year old minor had to be airlifted to a hospital. Fifteen other injured were taken by ambualnce to an Albuquerque hospital. Some of the injuries were critical.

The bus was reportedly traveling northbound on U.S. 54 north of Corona when the driver lost control of the bus while in a construction zone. The bus hit a median and flipped. The roads were icy and snowy at the time.

The bus was in route to El Paso, Texas. The accident closed the highway for around 7 hours.

Being a passenger in a bus accident can be a very scary experience. You are typically not seat belted, and all you can really do is hold on tight and hope for the best. Like the New Mexico accident, injuries from the same event can range from mild to critical to fatal.

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