Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Evanston

In 2013, there were 4,718 pedestrian accidents in the state of Illinois and many of those occurred in the greater Chicago area. Of all those collisions, 4,419 resulted in injuries and 115 proved fatal. This means that over 96 percent of all pedestrian crashes had injuries, deaths, or potentially both in 2013 alone.

With the risk of harm so incredibly high, the safety of pedestrians in Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois should be at the forefront of the minds of all drivers who take to the streets. Motorists should look for and yield to walkers who are near a roadway or in a crosswalk. Drivers should take heed of changing traffic lights and not attempt to run a yellow which may decrease the risk of entering an intersection at the same time as a pedestrian. And operators of vehicles should be particularly careful to avoid pedestrian crashes at high-risk areas like school zones, bus stops, and special events such as baseball games.

When a pedestrian accident occurs and a victim is injured or killed, that victim or his or her family members are protected with certain laws that apply in Chicago and that may entitle them to financial payment. From medical bills to pain and suffering, lost wages to lost companionship, these claims can be complex and must be brought in accordance with all laws or else they will be barred. If you have suffered due to the actions of another, speaking with a personal injury lawyer may help you get the information you need to move forward and make a recovery.

In the mid-morning hours on Saturday, police were called to the scene of a collision in Evanston where one person lost his life. Reports confirm that a northbound vehicle in the 800 block of Dodge Avenue came upon a pedestrian and struck him, leaving the man with critical injuries that eventually claimed his life.

Police have not released the cause of the incident or stated whether negligence played a role at this time.



Collisions happen every day in Chicago and far too often, those accidents involve a pedestrian. If you have been hurt while walking or if your loved one was injured or killed, make sure you understand your legal options and whether you are entitled to payment for your damages.

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