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The bus accident lawyers at Abels & Annes, P.C. are representing victims who were injured this week when a Megabus crashed in Indiana and are helping the victims seek relief for their damages.

Early Tuesday morning, a Megabus traveling from Atlanta to Chicago was en route in Indiana on I-65. At approximately 4:30 a.m. as it rained, the bus approached a scene involving an earlier car accident. Upon seeing the prior crash, the driver of the Megabus reportedly swerved to avoid a second collision, sending the double-decker bus rolling onto its side and injuring at least 18 passengers on board. Despite the attempted evasive action, it appears that the Megabus collided with the rear of a vehicle involved in the prior crash and pushed that vehicle some distance before the bus began to roll.

Descriptions from witnesses, passengers, and officials involved indicate that it was raining at the time the bus rolled over and that the windshield wipers on the Megabus may not have been functioning properly. Some have reported that the wipers were faulty and were malfunctioning while the bus was in transit while others claim that they were not working at all.

As the bus rolled over, several passengers were thrown from their seats onto the floor and windows of the vehicle, in some cases landing on other passengers. The injuries sustained in the incident include fractured and broken bones, at least one separated shoulder, cuts and lacerations due to broken glass, and head injuries. Of the approximately 50 or 60 people on board, 18 were injured enough to require treatment at area hospitals with several in serious condition.

Abels & Annes, P.C. is representing some of the victims injured in this crash through the use of a civil claim for damages. Our personal injury lawyers are reviewing all facts related the collision and will seek the best possible outcome in each case as we fight for our clients’ right to recover compensation, including payment for medical bills, surgical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages as each case demands.
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A large number of people who call Chicago home do not own a personal vehicle and instead opt for public transportation on a daily basis and during longer trips. Among those that do own cars, public transit also may be an attractive option due to the large number of options, like trains, buses, and planes as well as the flexible schedules offered. With traffic a constant issue in the city and the surrounding areas, it may not be surprising that millions take advantage of public transit in Chicago and across Illinois every year.

One popular option of transit for those looking to leave the city is riding by bus. Greyhound and Megabus are among the large providers that service the Chicago area and are heavily used. When riders board a Chicago area bus, they put their safety in the hands of the bus driver, the operating company, and any other individuals and entities in charge of maintaining the safety of the vehicle. But few think in these terms – they book a ticket, board a bus, and relax. Unfortunately, numerous bus accidents occur every year in Chicago and many of them result in injuries to the passengers on board. Whether multiple buses collide, a crash involves a bus and a private vehicle, or a one-bus accident results, the damages can be significant, especially in buses that do not offer seat belts for passengers.

When a crash occurs and a passenger is injured, the victims may not understand their legal rights or whether they have a valid claim for relief. Consulting with a Chicago personal injury lawyer may help you understand your options, including whether you may be entitled to financial payment, if you have been involved in a bus accident.

A bus operated by Megabus traveling from Atlanta to Chicago was in Indiana on Tuesday morning when the driver swerved to avoid a collision, causing the bus to roll over and leaving at least 18 people injured. The incident occurred on I-65 around 4:30 a.m. and reportedly involved between 50 and 60 passengers in addition to the driver.

Local police responded to the scene to assess the accident and assist the victims. It appears that the driver did not notice the prior accident initially, possibly due in part to rain, and noticed it just before an impact would have occurred. When the driver swerved, the road was wet from rain and the bus rolled onto its side. The double-decker bus reportedly sent several people airborne as the crash occurred and left passengers with head injuries, broken and fractured bones, broken glass imbedded in wounds, and other injuries.
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When traveling in Chicago, many people choose to utilize some form of public transportation to get them from one point to another. This holds true whether you are downtown by Lake Michigan or in the suburban areas and heading towards the city. Even when travelers utilize one of Chicago’s two busy airports, they may use public transportation to get to a terminal. Whether a public bus, a city train, or a shuttle, public transportation options abound in Chicago and can make flying easier.

Many people do not give a second thought to their personal safety when they board one of these common forms of public transit, instead assuming that all drivers and operators will put the safety of passengers above all other concerns. Often that is what happens and travelers move without incident; unfortunately, though, bus accidents in Chicago take place every week, as do other forms of public transportation collisions, and many result in injuries to those on board.

At approximately 6:30 a.m. today, a shuttle bus transporting passengers to O’Hare Airport’s departure terminals crashed into a concrete median, according to local authorities. At least 14 people on board the bus suffered injuries in the crash with four people reportedly in serious to critical condition. The victims were transported to four area hospitals where the extent and nature of their injuries are not clear at this time.

The incident partially stopped traffic in the area of I-190 and Bessie Coleman Drive for over an hour as officials investigated the crash and worked to clear the debris. No other vehicles are believed to have been involved in the crash but the cause of the incident has not yet been confirmed.
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If you live in, work in, or visit Chicago, chances are good that you occasional utilize public transportation to get from one point to another across the city or even to one of the many suburbs surrounding the metropolitan area. Public transit can offer an efficient and easy to use form of travel for many people on a daily or occasional basis as they move around and most of the time, safety never becomes an issue.

Unfortunately, though, public transit poses many of the same threats to safety as other forms of travel, including driving by private car. Bus accidents happen every year in Chicago and many of them result in injuries to those on board or those in another vehicle involved in the crash. Injuries may cause victims to incur medical expenses or to miss time from work, depriving them of money they otherwise would have earned. Though nothing can erase these crashes once they take place, it may be possible for the victims of bus collisions to seek financial compensation for their damages, including any pain and suffering they are forced to endure. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Chicago who has experience in bus accident claims may help you understand your legal options if you have been hurt in a crash.

Police in Chicago were alerted to a collision between a vehicle and a CTA bus on Wednesday afternoon near 71st Street and Paxton. Though it is still early in the investigation, authorities believe that the bus was stopped when a second vehicle in the area approached the bus and caused a rear-end collision. It is not yet clear what caused the driver of the car to allegedly strike the rear of the bus but it appears that the driver, along with at least 10 passengers on board the bus, sustained injuries in the crash.

Emergency medical crews responded to the scene and evaluated all victims for potential injuries. Those in need of additional treatment were transported to area hospitals where their current conditions are not known, though all were expected to survive the incident. It is not clear whether any citations have been issued in the crash or whether any charges are pending.
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Several different busing lines operate within the city limits of Chicago and in the surrounding suburbs. Some are private companies that give tours or provide limited transportation from one area to another. Others may be owned or operated by a city, municipality, or other form of government and may provide public transportation or even long-haul trips.

Regardless of who is operating a bus, local and federal laws apply to require the bus operators to drive in a safe and reasonable manner so as to protect all customers and also other drivers on the roads. Failure to do so may lead to a situation where a bus accident can occur, potentially leading to dozens of injuries or even possibly deaths. The victims of these crashes may not know their legal rights or whether they are entitled to relief for their suffering, but speaking with a personal injury lawyer in Chicago may help you sort our your legal options if you have been involved in a collision.

Bus accidents can be particularly challenging because they may involve fault on the part of the bus company or the fault may belong to another driver involved. In some cases, both the bus company and another driver may be properly to blame. The facts and circumstances of each collision vary so it is important to speak to a skilled investigator to determine the relief that may be present after a specific crash.

Police in Chicago were called to the scene of a multi-vehicle collision on Wednesday that involved a CTA bus. According to witnesses, a northbound CTA bus was stopped at a bus stop near the intersection of Sheridan Road and Balmoral Avenue shortly after 11:00 a.m. A red Ford in the area reportedly attempted to go around the CTA bus but instead crashed into several parked cars. At least one witnesses said the Ford was speeding and that it ran a red light.

Police have reported that a man was loading groceries into a parked car when the Ford approached, striking the man as he stood and pinning him against his vehicle. The force of the impact was so heavy that reportedly the parked vehicle collided into a parked vehicle in front of it and then two more vehicles were hit in the crash. Police believe the Ford also struck the side of the CTA bus.

The man loading groceries into his car was severely injured and died as a result of Wednesday’s bus accident. The driver of the Ford was allegedly arrested in connection with the incident and charges against the driver are pending, though the nature of the charges is not clear at this time.
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Bus accidents in Chicago can be serious and often can result in injuries to many people, both drivers and passengers who are involved in a crash. Buses usually have multiple people aboard and rarely have seatbelts or other safety restraints available for use by passengers which means that in the event of a crash, people can be tossed around inside the bus and can even be thrown into one another. The fact that additional people are likely to be aboard means that the potential exists for more people to be hurt, or in the worst accidents, killed due to a collision involving a bus.

Some accidents are unavoidable or are due to conditions beyond the control of the drivers involved, yet in the majority of bus accidents, at least one driver acts in a negligent or reckless manner, leading to and causing a collision. When this happens, those who are injured in a bus crash may be entitled to seek relief for their damages. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer who represents accident victims is a good way to learn about what legal options may be available to you after a crash occurs.

Unfortunately police have confirmed that a collision occurred this morning between a Megabus and a daycare bus on the Dan Ryan Expressway. The crash, which happened near 47th Street around 7:00 a.m., involved at least 37 individuals between the two vehicles. Eight children were evaluated on the scene and were transported to area hospitals for further treatment. One adult also needed medical help and was transported from the scene by local emergency medical technicians. According to first responders, 28 people at the scene refused medical treatment. All of the victims of this crash are expected to recover.

Authorities are still investigating at this time and trying to determine what led the two vehicles to collide. All factors are being considered including whether negligence was present by either driver and whether adverse weather conditions could be partially to blame. It may be some time before officials make their determinations, including whether either driver will be ticketed in this matter.
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Bus accidents can vary from minor to severe and can result in anywhere from no injuries to multiple serious injuries or even death. Buses are bigger and heavier than the majority of vehicles on the road and as a result, the damages incurred in a bus crash have a tendency to be large, meaning that in addition to any injuries, property damage to other vehicles may result.

Bus accidents in Chicago can be complicated because often the passengers on the bus as well as individuals in other cars involved in the crash are injured, and it becomes the job of local officials to sort out who caused the accident and whether the crash could have been avoided. When a collision is due to a mistake or negligence on the part of one or more drivers, those injured may be able to seek relief for their damages through the use of a civil claim. These claims are separate and distinct from any charges brought by the state of Illinois and they seek monetary compensation on behalf of a victim, allowing that injured person to get the medical treatment and care needed. Speaking with an injury lawyer is the best way to learn whether you may be entitled to relief after your accident.

Unfortunately there was an accident in Will County yesterday morning between a Pace bus and two cars, leaving one person dead and injuring at least three others. Though it is early in their investigation, police suspect that a white Kia crossed the center line while driving on Renwick Road and entered a lane of oncoming traffic, causing a collision with a Pace bus and then a blue Ford. Multiple agencies responded to the scene of the crash to help those who were injured and four people, including the three drivers involved and one bus passenger, were transported to area hospitals for treatment. The driver of the Kia sustained critical injuries and later died as a result. The driver’s identity is not currently known.

The other three individuals received medical treatment in Joliet and were expected to survive though their current conditions are not clear.

Investigators are continuing to review the facts of the crash and trying to determine exactly what happened before the initial impact, including why the driver of the Kia allegedly crossed the center line. They are speaking with those involved in the crash in an effort to understand the events of the collision better and to determine what ultimately caused the first impact.
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The family of a 26-year-old woman who was killed in a 2011 tour bus accident has reportedly settled their claim for $6.75 million.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Columbus Drive and Illinois Street in Chicago in early May as the victim walked home from work. A tour bus driver claimed he did not see the woman and turned right, entering the crosswalk where the victim was walking.

The incident was captured on security film which showed that the victim was within a designated pedestrian crosswalk and with a green light in her favor when the accident occurred. The footage also showed that the driver of the bus turned right against a red light and collided with the woman, running her over.

After the collision, emergency personnel responded to the scene but the victim died of her injuries. The driver of the bus was forced to undergo a toxicity screen of his blood which revealed the presence of cocaine in his system at the time he was driving that day. Under Illinois law, anyone with cocaine in their system, regardless of the amount present, can be presumed to be under the influence of that drug and therefore may be considered to have been driving under the influence, a serious crime that may result in incarceration.

Not only did the driver have cocaine in his system but a review of his personal and criminal history revealed that the man had about 20 traffic violations over the prior 23 years and that he was a wanted man in two child sexual abuse cases. Despite this history of numerous driving violations and the fact that the man was wanted by police, the tour bus company employed the driver, who had been working for that entity for about six months before this collision occurred.

The driver of the bus is currently in jail awaiting trial for reckless homicide as a result of this incident. He is also awaiting trial on the separate child abuse charges which were not related to this crash.

If the facts alleged against the driver and the tour bus company are proven to be true, this was not merely an accident but rather a crash that resulted from reckless conduct on the part of multiple people. Many commercial drivers are held to a higher standard of care and must comply with stricter rules while operating a vehicle because they are required to put the safety of the public first.
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A Wednesday night crash between a CTA bus and a dump truck left the CTA driver critically injured. Four vehicles ended up being involved in the accident which occurred near the CTA garage on 103rd Street.

Police stated that a Jackson Park Express bus attempted to turn into the garage when the bus was struck by a westbound truck. The details of how the accident occurred are not yet clear but officials have confirmed the involvement of a CTA bus, a dump truck, and two other vehicles.

The CTA bus was not in service at the time of the crash and only two CTA employees, including the driver, were aboard. Both were injured and taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn as was the driver of the dump truck. The driver of one of the other vehicles was also injured and required medical care while the condition of the remaining driver is not known. Emergency crews were forced to cut apart the CTA bus in an effort to remove the driver.

When an accident involves multiple parties, it can be very difficult to determine exactly who is at fault for the crash. Many times, multiple drivers are each accountable for some of the blame. It can be difficult to sort out who is responsible for any injuries that result from a crash. When working, there may be an additional claim available to a person injured in an accident. The rules for each type of claim are different but all are time sensitive so if you have been hurt in an accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.
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A 58-year-old woman was recently killed in a public bus accident that occurred on the South Side of Chicago. According to Police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala, the woman was riding a PACE suburban bus that was headed south on Halsted Street when the driver suddenly swerved to avoid a pedestrian in the road. The bus driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle and struck a nearby pole. The force of the impact purportedly caused extensive damage to the bus and seriously injured a 58-year-old passenger. A representative for the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office stated emergency responders transported the hurt woman to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital where she was unfortunately pronounced dead.

It is not clear how many passengers were riding the PACE bus at the time of the accident. The exact cause of the fatal crash is currently under investigation by the Chicago Police Major Accident Investigation Unit. The 53-year-old bus driver was allegedly cited for damage to public property in connection with the collision.

Thousands of people throughout Chicago travel on passenger buses every day. Children headed to school, commuters on their way to work, and many other individuals rely on bus drivers to get them to their destination in a safe and timely manner. All buses that are used to transport passengers in Illinois must be regularly inspected for safety hazards. Additionally, the Illinois Vehicle Code requires school bus operators in our state to adhere to more rigorous safety requirements. Despite a number of safety laws and regulations, many Chicago bus passengers are hurt or killed in unexpected crashes each year. Although some bus accidents are caused by other motorists, such collisions too often result from bus company, driver, or manufacturer negligence.

Because most passenger buses do not provide riders with a seat belt, the wounds sustained in a Chicago area bus crash may be severe. In addition to physical injuries, many accident victims are also faced with a number of financial hardships such as lost wages and temporary or permanent disability. If you were injured or a family member was killed while riding as a passenger on a bus, you should discuss your right to financial recovery with a quality bus accident lawyer as soon as you are able.
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