Shuttle Bus Crash Near O’Hare Airport Leaves 14 Hurt

When traveling in Chicago, many people choose to utilize some form of public transportation to get them from one point to another. This holds true whether you are downtown by Lake Michigan or in the suburban areas and heading towards the city. Even when travelers utilize one of Chicago’s two busy airports, they may use public transportation to get to a terminal. Whether a public bus, a city train, or a shuttle, public transportation options abound in Chicago and can make flying easier.

Many people do not give a second thought to their personal safety when they board one of these common forms of public transit, instead assuming that all drivers and operators will put the safety of passengers above all other concerns. Often that is what happens and travelers move without incident; unfortunately, though, bus accidents in Chicago take place every week, as do other forms of public transportation collisions, and many result in injuries to those on board.

At approximately 6:30 a.m. today, a shuttle bus transporting passengers to O’Hare Airport’s departure terminals crashed into a concrete median, according to local authorities. At least 14 people on board the bus suffered injuries in the crash with four people reportedly in serious to critical condition. The victims were transported to four area hospitals where the extent and nature of their injuries are not clear at this time.

The incident partially stopped traffic in the area of I-190 and Bessie Coleman Drive for over an hour as officials investigated the crash and worked to clear the debris. No other vehicles are believed to have been involved in the crash but the cause of the incident has not yet been confirmed.

Though transportation by bus may be a common sight in Chicago, many do not appreciate the dangers that may result if a bus is involved in an accident. Bus passengers and motorists in other involved vehicles may suffer injuries that range from minor to critical, and in the worst cases, a victim may lose his or her life.

Nothing can turn back time to reverse an accident once one has occurred but the laws in Illinois recognize that innocent victims should not be forced to bear the financial liability of the injuries they suffer through the actions of others. To right these wrongs, Illinois makes it possible for accident victims to seek financial compensation for their losses against a responsible, at-fault party, whether that is a driver, the owner or operator of a vehicle, or even the employer of a motorist behind the wheel.



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