3 Members of Chicago-Area Family Killed in Phoenix Car Accident

During this time of year, many families in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs pack up and head on a trip for spring break. Public schools are generally on vacation for at least a week, giving families an ideal opportunity to take kids someone away from the city to enjoy another town or another state. Many people choose to travel by car when they take a vacation because it can offer a convenient and affordable means of transit. Driving also can provide families with flexibility in the event that a last minute trip becomes a possibility.

The majority of families who drive for vacation make it to their destination and back without any problems, but unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone. Each year, families are involved in car accidents when they are on a driving vacation, potentially leaving those involved with injuries or even claiming the lives of some family members. When these tragic accidents occur, the victims of those car crashes may be entitled to relief for their damages. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer who handles Chicago cases may help you understand the legal implications of your accident and whether you have a valid claim for your injuries.

Police in Arizona have confirmed that three people killed in a crash on Friday were members of a family from Lincolnshire. A fourth member of the same family was involved in the crash but survived with critical injuries.

Police believe that a man, woman, and their two children, ages 16 and 9, were traveling westbound on Route 160 in the general direction of the Grand Canyon when a truck traveling eastbound approached. The truck was being pursued by local police after a report was made that the truck was driving in an erratic manner. Route 160 in the area is a two lane highway which kept police approximately 1.5 miles behind the truck as they continued their pursuit, which is believed to have begun some 25 miles earlier. The truck crossed the center line for reasons not yet known and struck the vehicle driven by the victims in a head-on collision while both cars were still on Route 160.

The 16 year old and both parents, ages 50 and 42, in the car were killed in the accident as were two occupants of the truck, who have not yet been identified. The 9-year-old is expected to survive but the extent and permanency of her injuries are not known at this time.



Often, when an accident is caused by a vehicle being pursued by police, the victims of that crash may have a claim against the at-fault driver, the police department involved, or both. A lawyer who handles car accident cases may be able to help you realize the extent of any claims you may have following a crash so that you can receive adequate compensation for your damages.

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