Woman Sues Bedford Park Go-Kart Racing Facility for Negligence in Cook County Court

A woman recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against a Bedford Park go-kart racing facility in Cook County Circuit Court. In her complaint, the woman alleges that she was injured as a result of a defective safety belt at Chicago Race Factory on May 2nd. According to the woman, employees at the facility assigned her a go-kart that was capable of traveling at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour but that was not equipped with a functioning safety belt. When she inquired about it, workers allegedly told her that safety harnesses were not necessary for adults who used the machines.

The lawsuit claims the injured woman’s body slid on the driver’s seat of the go-kart while she navigated the first turn on the track. As a result, the woman allegedly sustained damage to her ankle, knee, hip, and leg. The complaint accuses the go-kart facility and its manager of negligence for allowing the woman to use a machine that was not equipped with a functioning safety belt and for failing to properly train facility employees. The injured woman is currently seeking more than $50,000 in damages.

In Illinois, property owners are required to provide all visitors with a reasonable level of safety. When the owner of a business or other property knows or should have known that an unsafe condition existed and someone who was legally on the property was hurt, a premises liability claim may arise. A premises liability case may be caused by a slip-and-fall on an unsafe sidewalk or stairs, negligent security, building code violations, and a number of other unsafe conditions.

Illinois is a comparative negligence accident state. This means an individual who was hurt by someone else’s actions may be able to recover financial damages for their harm even if he or she was partially to blame. If you were hurt due to the negligent act of an individual or business, a skilled personal injury lawyer can help.

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Note: Abels & Annes, P.C. does not represent the victim in this case.

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