While Chicago Celebrates, Safety Should be Kept in Mind

The Chicago Blackhawks did the city proud on Monday night by winning the NHL championship and bringing Lord Stanley’s Cup back home where it belongs. Attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. are big Hawks fans, and law partner Dave Abels was lucky enough to attend Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final and Game 2 of the Western Conference Final. Law Partner Gary Annes was able to attend a first round game.

The city has been celebrating since the moment the championship was clinched and it will keep celebrating if past years are any indication. Fans deserve this time to enjoy the Blackhawks’ success and to have fun with other fans but while celebrating, it is still a good idea to keep safety in mind.

This is primarily true in areas with heavy populations, like Chicago, though the celebrations will no doubt filter throughout the state. Most celebrations include groups of people getting together to have a good time which means that streets, bars, and restaurants may be more crowded than normal. This can lead to a dangerous situation if people are not careful.

As the city begins to fill, keep in mind that some may not be familiar with the area, the roads, or how to get from one place to another. Allow extra travel time if you plan to go anywhere within the city and be on alert for for others.

Pedestrians may be more likely to dart out into traffic or to cross streets mid-block. This is a danger for the pedestrian and for the drivers of cars on the roads so it is important that everyone pay attention. When a pedestrian and a car collide, severe injuries often result and sometimes the pedestrian is killed.

This will continue through Friday, the scheduled victory parade that will wind through the streets of downtown to thousands of supportive fans. Even with a marked parade route and pedestrian barricades, the chance of an accident involving a pedestrian is high. As a pedestrian, you should take steps to understand the appropriate places to cross a street and to watch the parade. Never step in front of a car or assume that a car will yield to you as you walk. As a driver, you should anticipate the unexpected. Do not be surprised if a pedestrian runs out into the street and into your path of travel. Be prepared to stop at any moment and pay attention to other vehicles and walkers.

People may also be consuming more alcohol than normal this week which will lower their ability to make sound decisions and place them at a higher risk for being involved in an accident. Not only does alcohol slow reaction time but it can also be disorienting, causing people who are already unsure of where they are to become more confused and exhibit riskier behavior.

If you are out in Chicago this week, be smart with your surroundings and try to act cautiously as you enjoy your celebrations. If everyone in the city takes an extra second or two before making decisions, this will be a safe and happy week for all to enjoy.

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