Train vs. Truck Accident On North Side Of Chicago

In Chicago, Illinois a truck and a CTA train collided this past Sunday afternoon, according to MSNBC. The train accident occurred at 4648 N. Kedzie Avenue when a truck tried to get around the crossing gates while a CTA brown line train was pulling out of the Kedzie station. The train hit the back end of the truck, and it did not derail.

Service was delayed for an hour as workers moved the train back and got the truck off the tracks. Normal service was going again by 2 pm. The truck driver was ticketed for causing the collision.

While no injuries have been reported at this time, if people involved in the crash were injured, here’s what could happen: The passengers on the train have a claim against the truck driver and the trucking company that caused the accident. Typically, trucks carry larger commercial insurance policies, so unless there were catastrophic injuries (and none were reported here) there should be enough insurance to cover the loss.

The CTA employees involved in the crash actually can make two claims. They have a workers’ compensation claim, as they were injured on the job, and they would also have a 3rd party claim against the truck driver and truck company.

Finally, the truck driver has a case. Even though he was at fault, if injured, he has a work injury case. Work comp. is a no fault system for injured employees to make a recovery in the State of Illinois.

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