SUV Strikes Motorcycle, Causing Deadly Collision in Bridgeview

traffic accident in Chicago can cause injuries or even death but not all accidents pose the same risks. For example, though motorcycles were involved in only 1.3 percent of all collisions in Illinois in 2011, those accidents were responsible for 3.5 percent of all injuries and a staggering 16 percent of all vehicular fatalities in the state. This means that motorcycles continue to account for a disproportionately large number of injuries and fatalities even though the incident of motorcycle accidents is relatively low when compared to other forms of crashes. This stark statistic may be more stunning when it is considered that most motorcycle riders do not ride year-round, condensing a large number of these terrible accidents into fewer than 12 months of any year.

Many motorcycle accidents are preventable and do not need to occur. In most cases, a motorcycle crash is caused by negligent or reckless behavior on the part of one or more individuals involved in the collision, whether it is a driver of a car, a motorcycle, a manufacturer, or even another individual in the area. When a Chicago-area accident is due to a mistake, it is not simply an accident and it may enable victims injured in the crash with the right to seek relief. This relief can be obtained through the use of a civil claim for damages and it can allow victims the ability to recover for losses like medical expenses incurred and to be incurred in the future, time missed from work, and pain and suffering. Speaking with a lawyer who handles cases on behalf of motorcycle accident victims may help you understand your legal options if you have been involved in a collision and you were injured.

Officials in Bridgeview were alerted to a collision between an SUV and a motorcycle that occurred on Sunday morning and they responded to the scene. Though the investigation into the incident is ongoing, police have confirmed that the crash occurred near the intersection of 85th Street and Harlem Avenue around 1:30 am. It appears that a male in his 20s was driving an SUV southbound in lanes designated for northbound traffic of Harlem Avenue. As the SUV continued, a motorcycle driven by a male and with a 41-year-old female passenger approached northbound in the northbound lanes. The SUV struck the motorcycle, causing the death of both the operator and the passenger on the bike. The driver of the SUV was injured but was expected to survive though his current condition is not clear.



At this time, no charges have been issued but they may be pending the investigation into the crash. Police are still trying to determine why the SUV was allegedly traveling in the wrong direction on Harlem and what events led to the crash that cost two people their lives.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and you were injured, know that you may be entitled to financial relief for your damages. This relief is separate from any charges that may be brought by the State of Illinois and often is available even where a responsible driver is never ticketed or otherwise charged in the crash.

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