Suburban Chicago Firefighter and Paramedic Killed in Dog Attack

A 44-year-old suburban Chicago woman who is both a firefighter and paramedic was reportedly killed by a 140 pound Mastiff at her home in Big Rock. The unsocialized dog was reportedly adopted by the woman and her husband about one week prior to the fatal attack so it would not be put to sleep by a relative. The mastiff allegedly had no history of aggression.

According to Pat Gengler, a Lieutenant with the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, the woman’s husband called 911 after he found her lying at the bottom of the basement stairs. Sadly, the firefighter was dead before her husband arrived home. Officer Gengler stated four law enforcement officers were required to remove the large, muscular dog from the couple’s home. Although two other dogs were in the house at the time of the woman’s death, police believe the much larger mastiff was the only animal involved in the fatal attack. Unfortunately, the woman’s colleagues were the first emergency responders to reach the scene.

Following the attack, Kane County Animal Control took all three dogs into custody. Although no decision has been made regarding the fate of the three dogs, the mastiff will likely be euthanized. Officer Gengler stated the other two dogs in the home at the time of the woman’s death were like children to the couple. He also said the fate of the two smaller dogs, a boxer and a mixed breed, would be up to the woman’s husband.

Although thousands of people throughout Illinois keep dogs or other pets in their homes, some animals pose a safety threat to children, adults, and the community. A bite injury can be painful and expensive to treat as plastic surgery is often required to repair the damage. Still, the victim of a dog attack may be left permanently scarred or disfigured. In the most tragic cases, an animal attack may result in death. Unless an animal was provoked, the Illinois Animal Control Act holds the owner of a dog or other animal strictly liable for all pet attacks regardless of past dangerous behavior. If you were hurt by someone else’s pet, you should contact a skilled Illinois personal injury lawyer to discuss your rights.

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