Stone from Gargoyle Falls from Church, Kills Woman

The laws in Chicago are clear when it comes to buildings: it is up to the owner, operator, or manager of an establishment to ensure that the building is safe. The areas to be occupied must be maintained and any damage must be repaired or replaced. Failing to keep a building in a safe and reasonable manner may lead to an injury and may result in legal liability on the part of the building’s owner.

Every year, people in Chicago are injured when they are on premises that are in an unsafe condition, and when that happens, the victims of these incidents may be entitled to pursue legal relief through the use of a civil claim. Recoveries may be possible to provide compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses that are experienced due to a premises liability accident. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer who represents clients in Chicago may help you understand whether you have a valid claim if you have been hurt in an accident.

Around noon today, a 34-year-old woman was walking near the Second Presbyterian Church in the 1900 block of South Michigan Avenue when a piece of a stone gargoyle broke from the rest of the statute and fell to the ground, striking the woman in the head. The woman, reportedly a Chicago resident, was walking with her fiance at the time of the incident. Emergency crews responded and transported the woman to an area hospital. Though doctors worked to treat her, the extent of her injuries was too severe and she died a short time later.

Officials are still reviewing the incident and trying to determine what caused the portion of the gargoyle to fall. At this time, it appears that a metal piece providing decoration on the building’s exterior fell and struck the gargoyle, causing a portion of the gargoyle to break free and fall. It is not clear what caused the metal decoration to break or whether that began the chain of events.

Reports indicate that the building at issue failed several inspections in recent years, at least one of which was related to the conditions of the building’s exterior. City records reflect that some repair work occurred in 2012 but it is not clear what areas of the building underwent repairs at that time.



Legal liability can occur when a building is kept in unsafe conditions and those conditions threaten people in the area, whether they are inside a building or standing near it. When a loved one is killed in a premises liability incident, it can be difficult to know where to turn in order to seek help. Though no amount of compensation can be considered adequate in these cases, it can help the family members left behind, including those who may have been financial supported by a victim.

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