State Policies May Influence Injured Workers’ Low Back Treatment

Injuries that happen on a job site are an issue in every one of the 50 states in this nation. As such, states, employers, employees, and the public at large have a vested interest in addressing work injuries and preventing them as much as possible.

Once injuries happen, though, public concern should extend to the medical treatment received by victims as it is imperative that these individuals become well once again. Studies routinely reflect the fact that injury victims who obtain prompt, competent medical treatment endure better outcomes in the long run than those who are forced to wait for help or who see physicians not qualified to treat a victim’s specific injuries. Now, a new study is revealing the fact that a state’s policy towards workers’ compensation claims may have an effect on victims who sustain low back injuries while working, meaning that the same injury might spur different results depending on the state in which it occurred.

The study was published in the December edition of the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and it analyzed data from more than 59,000 low back injuries in 49 states. The researchers concluded that approximately five percent of the cost differential for similar injuries in different states was attributable to public policy approaches to workers’ compensation claims and injuries. This in turn meant that the overall cost of treatment varied among the states as did the time missed from work by an employee who was hurt on the job.

A worker in any industry can suffer a low back injury but those who work on assembly lines, in factories, in the aviation industry, healthcare industry, construction jobs, teachers, restaurant workers, and those who drive for a living are particularly vulnerable to these injuries. As workers usually do not think about their potential risks for harm before an on-the-job accident happens, most are unfamiliar with their rights and their options for relief.

The new research makes one thing very clear: the road toward treatment and recovery may vary by factors beyond a worker’s control, including policies enacted by state legislatures aimed at addressing workers’ compensation claims. For these reasons and others, it is wise for all those who are injured while on the clock to contact a personal injury attorney who handles similar claims in the state in which they were harmed.

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