Spring brings increased risk of Chicago pedestrian accidents

Spring is here, and with it comes an increased risk of Chicago pedestrian accidents.

In 2008, a total of 135 pedestrians were killed in fatal Illinois pedestrian accidents, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Chicago pedestrian accidents are responsible for the majority of pedestrian deaths each year in Illinois.A comprehensive study of Illinois traffic fatalities conducted by the University of Illinois at Chicago between 1990-2000, found that more than half of all pedestrian deaths (1,357 of 2,286), occurred in Cook County.

Statewide, pedestrian deaths declined from 272 in 1990 to 187 in 2000. In Cook County, annual pedestrian deaths declined from 160 to 101 during the 11-year study period.

As we reported last year on our Chicago Car Accident Lawyers blog, Chicago police have stepped up enforcement by positing undercover police officers in crosswalks to ticket violators and promote pedestrian safety.

CyberDrive Illinois provides guidelines for drivers to avoid pedestrian accidents. A driver must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians:

-When a pedestrian is in a marked or unmarked crosswalk -When turning at an intersection -After stopping at an intersection -When making a turn at a red light -Whenever a pedestrian is entering or exiting a street from a building, alley, driveway or private road -When people are walking, standing or working in a safety or construction zone -When a pedestrian has stepped into a crosswalk and the light has yet to change -When a pedestrian is walking in a crosswalk and the walk signal is flashing
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