Southern Illinois auto accident kills three people

A three vehicle Illinois car crash has caused the death of three motorists in downstate Alexander County, according to the Chicago Tribune. The wreck occurred back on December 20, 2010 on Illinois Route 3 near Thebes, Illinois.

The car crash occurred when a vehicle driven by a 20-year-old Wisconsin resident and a pickup truck driven by an 18-year-old Missouri resident sideswiped each other as they were headed in opposite directions. The Missouri driver then hit a van head on that was occupied by a 54-year-old female driver and a 76-year-old passenger, both from Cairo, Illinois.

The driver of the van and the Missouri motorist died in the accident. The passenger in the van passed away four days later from injuries sustained in the accident. The Wisconsin driver survived, but her condition has not been reported.

It has not been reported what hospitals the victims were treated at or if any Illinois injury lawyers are involved in the case yet.

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The Illinois State Police are handling the crash investigation. Details as to the cause of the two vehicles sideswiping, such as one of the motorists crossing the center line, have not been disclosed.

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