Six Vehicle Crash on I-55 Leaves Woman Dead

It appears that a semi truck driver began a collision on I-55 on Wednesday evening that involved six vehicles and the death of the driver. Traffic began to slow on the highway near North River Road as the result of construction that was taking place. Illinois State Police have reported that a semi truck failed to slow or stop in time to avoid a collision with the car in front of it while traveling through the construction zone, and as a result, set off a deadly crash.

The force of the initial impact was significant and both the semi and the passenger vehicle were pushed forward, involving other drivers in the crash. By the time the vehicles came to a stop, three semis and three passenger cars were involved in the accident.

The collision occurred in the northbound lanes of I-55 and shut down the highway to all northbound traffic for several hours while police investigated. The driver of the first car that was hit, a female resident of Roselle, was killed in the accident. Several others were injured and taken to area hospitals but at this time, it is not clear how many were injured and what the current condition of each victim is.

State Police have not stated whether the initial truck driver will be charged in the crash, including whether the driver failed to yield as required by law or was driving in a manner that was unreasonable due to the construction zone and traffic conditions.

Statistically, semi trucks account for a large percentage of all miles traveled in Illinois but a smaller percentage of accidents. This means that though trucks drive more than an average car, they are less likely to be involved in a crash. Many truck drivers are cautious and careful when behind the wheel but not all of them are. Still, even a cautious driver can end up in an accident if the driver gets distracted or pays attention to something other than the road, even for a second.

When a semi truck is involved in an accident, the consequences can be dire. The relative size and weight of a truck hauling a trailer when compared to a standard passenger car means that the truck will have a lot more force behind it and will often incur much less damage than a car. A car, on the other hand, is lower to the ground and can be demolished in an accident with a truck, placing the driver of the car and any passengers in great danger of injury.

When a victim is injured or killed in an accident with a truck, the law allows the victim or the victim’s family to make a financial recovery for their losses. Depending on the accident, losses can be minor or can be extreme. When a loved one suffers a permanent injury or is killed, for example, losses include not only the companionship that family members lose as a result of the crash but any medical expenses that were incurred and any wages the victim was or will be unable to earn.

After an accident, the insurance company has all the power in negotiating a settlement and they can use that power to settle with victims for less than full value. That is why it is a good idea to consult with a personal injury attorney who can level the playing field by providing some power on your behalf.

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