Single Car Accident on I-80/94 Near Gary Kills 3, Injures 2

When you enter a vehicle in the Chicago area and you intend to ride as a passenger, you give up control over your own personal safety to the person who will be driving your vehicle as well as the other drivers on the road. Additionally, you must trust that the car you are riding in is safe and in good working condition and that things like inclement weather will not lead to a dangerous drive for you.

In theory, passengers may think about these things before they enter a car. In practicality, though, safety is assumed and passengers trust that others will put safety first when they drive in Chicago. Once you are in a vehicle, there is little you can do to ensure that you will not be harmed as you are unable to control the actions of others.

Often, the passengers of car accidents who are hurt in a collision are left to wonder about what can be done to alleviate their suffering. While the injuries sustained cannot be magically erased, in many cases, these victims may be entitled to financial compensation for their suffering and they can seek this relief through the use of a civil claim for damages. If you are unsure of the options that may exist following a car accident, you may want to speak with a personal injury lawyer to ensure you comprehension of local and state laws is complete and so that you can get the help you need.

On Sunday morning, a passenger car was traveling westbound on I-80/94 near Gary, Indiana when the driver, a 22-year-old male, attempted to pass a semi-truck. The driver entered the left lane, passed the semi, and then attempted to return to the right lane but reportedly lost control of the vehicle during the final lane change. The vehicle struck a concrete barrier along the side of I-80/94 near the Cline Avenue exit and then flipped over, landing on a pole in the area that holds an expressway sign.

Police have confirmed that the collision was devastating and that the vehicle split into two pieces as a result. Five people were inside the car and all were injured or killed; a 21-year-old female passenger was ejected and killed at the scene, a 20-year-old male passenger was killed at the scene, a 21-year-old male passenger initially survived before dying later at an area hospital, a and a 22-year-old male passenger survived and is receiving treatment at this time in the Chicago area. Additionally, the driver was hurt in the crash but is expected to survive.

The greater the number of people involved in a collision, the higher the possibility that someone will be seriously injured or even killed when a crash happens. The victims of these crashes have rights that cannot be blocked by a responsible driver even if those victims are in the same car as a driver deemed to be at-fault so if a crash has affected you or harmed your loved one, make sure you seek the relief you need.



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