Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Chicago Archdiocese and Priest

In Chicago, Illinois two women have filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Archdiocese of Chicago and a retired priest for sexual abuse that allegedly occurred over forty years ago, according to The case has been pending in mediation and their lawyer filed the lawsuit due to the fact that one of the victims is dying of cancer. The lawyer and victim advocates are calling for an expedited settlement.

The victims’ lawyer, who is based out of Seattle, is stating that the Church has refused to settle. Yesterday he held a news conference across the street from Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago.

The priest named as a defendant, Anthony Vader, was removed from his public duties in 2003 when the Church acknowledged his misconduct. The lawsuit alleges that one woman was molested from age 9 until age 14. The other claims abuse when she was under 13, and again when she was 17. The suit also alleges the archdiocese has treated African American victims differently than other races. The alleged abuse took place in the mid to late 1960s.

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