Rollover Car Accident Kills 2 Teens

Teens are at a higher risk of being involved in a car accident than are drivers of other age groups, but when it comes to teen accidents, summertime poses the greatest threat. Many teens are out of school and therefore have a lot of additional free time with which they can be behind the wheel. Teens similarly are likely to be injured at this time of year because in addition to being drivers, they tend to be passengers in car accidents involving teenage drivers or they tend to be operating on a learner’s permit – both situations marred by inexperience behind the wheel.

When a car accident happens and people are injured, it is those injured victims and their family members who are forced to sort through the damage and attempt to begin again. In some cases, injuries may be minor and may take only weeks to heal but in others, the damages sustained in a collision can last a lifetime and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of losses. In the worst cases possible, a victim is killed and that damage and suffering will never end.

In an ideal Chicago, car accidents would never occur and victims would never be forced to suffer from injuries, but until we reach that goal, crashes continue to happen every day. With this in mind, the legislature has enacted certain laws that side with the victims of these incidents and enable them to obtain payment for their losses, including their medical bills and pain and suffering. While this right is available to most people who are hurt, those victims must act affirmatively and in accordance with all local and state laws to guarantee their rights remain viable and to ensure they have the ability to be heard in court. With the complicated nature of these claims, it is wise to speak with a personal injury attorney to ensure that you understand your rights and options and that you are fully protected under the law.

A collision in East Chicago yesterday morning claimed the lives of two teenagers and left several others injured, according to local authorities. Police believe that speed may have been a factor as an 18-year-old male drove near Railroad Avenue and West 143rd Street around 3:00 a.m. before the driver allegedly lost control. The vehicle struck a utility pole in the area and rolled multiple times, killing the driver and a 17-year-old passenger and injuring an additional five teens.

The condition of those who survived the crash and the nature of their injuries remains unclear at this time.

Police are still reviewing the evidence left at the scene to determine the factors that led to the crash and whether any other influences played a role.



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