Rockford, Illinois Car Crash Kills 13 Year Old Girl

A Rockford, Illinois auto accident has resulted in the death of a 13 year old girl, and others were also injured, according to Rockford’s NBC 13. The accident occurred in icey conditions on Sunday near the Rockford Chicago Airport around 11:30 on Eastbound Kishwaukee Road. A 20 year old woman lost control of her car and slid into a vehicle traveling the opposite direction. Her 13 year old sister was in her car and died at the scene.

A mother and daughter in the other car were seriously injured, but they are expected to be ok. They were taken to Swedish American Hospital. Police are saying that this weekend’s weather played a factor in the accident.

From a personal injury lawyer perspective, the Estate of the 13 year old will have a claim against the sister. The fact that they were family members in no way bars wrongful death claims in the State of Illinois. The injured women in the other vehicle also have a claim against the driver that hit them. Bad & icey weather is also not a defense. A driver in Illinois has a duty to not drive too fast for road conditions.

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