John Kerry Injured in Bicycle Accident

Anyone can be injured in a bicycle accident when they ride in Chicago or when they ride elsewhere in Illinois. Collisions can happen due to a number of factors that often include mistakes by those involved, whether it is the mistake of a bicyclist or the mistake of the driver of a motor vehicle. Yet regardless of the factors that lead to a crash, the results can be eerily similar – serious injuries or even death may strike those cyclists or even those motorists.

When a bicycle accident happens in the Chicago area, victims may be confused about where to turn or whether they are even entitled to relief. In most cases, victims can bring a civil claim for their damages and those claims can seek monetary payment for the totality of the damages that result from the accident whether those damages take the form of medical expenses, rehabilitative care, lost wages, permanency of injuries, or even pain and suffering. To seek this relief, victims must take affirmative action and must preserve their rights within a time period specified by law. Actions by local police and state officials, like issuing a ticket or levying criminal charges, will not effectively preserve a victim’s rights or pursue that victim’s interests so if you have been hurt, you may want to speak with a personal injury attorney to ensure that you are covered.

John Kerry, Secretary of State of the United States, was in the middle of a trip to Europe when he was involved in a bicycle accident in Scionzier, France. Few details about the collision itself have emerged at this time but officials with the United States government have confirmed that Kerry suffered a fractured femur in the incident and will require additional medical care.

Currently still in Switzerland where he was taken via air ambulance, Kerry is expected to end his trip abroad and return to Boston for treatment of his fracture. The break reportedly is near the site of a prior hip surgery which was performed in Boston and reports indicate that Kerry will treat his leg break with the surgeon that operated on his hip.

Kerry is known to be an avid bicycle rider and was involved in a significant bike accident in 1992 that damaged tendons and other soft tissue in his shoulder. After an aggravation of the injuries in 2004, Kerry underwent surgical repair of his shoulder and made a full recovery; he is expected to recover fully from his fractured femur as well.



Whether they occur in Chicago, in Illinois, elsewhere across the country or even abroad, bicycle collisions can cause significant harm to those involved and the damages may last a lifetime. If you have been the victim of a crash in the greater Chicago area or if your loved one was injured or killed, make sure that your suffering does not last any longer than it must. Call the personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. now and let us help you understand your rights and your legal options for compensation.

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