Hit-and-Run Crash in Chicago Kills 1

A driver who fails to follow the rules of the road is a danger to everyone in a given area. Not only may these actions be a violation of traffic laws, but they may also increase the risk of a car accident occurring, and that can leave countless of people suffering. From the damage done to a vehicle to the injuries inflicted upon victims, these collisions can leave a lasting impact that may never fully be repaired.

While the damages done by these accidents cannot be erased, the victims of Chicago collisions that are harmed may be able to seek and obtain financial compensation for their losses and their suffering. A typical case may allow a victim to receive payment for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages as well as payment for any other damages incurred. These claims revolve around the facts surrounding a particular incident and therefore it is wise for victims to verify their understanding of their rights and options when a crash affects them. Consulting with a personal injury lawyer can help victims do exactly that.

It is the obligation of every driver in Illinois to know and follow the rules of the road. One such rule requires drivers who are involved in a car accident to remain at the scene of the crash until cleared by local authorities; failure to do so is commonly called a hit-and-run. Hit-and-run accidents can leave a victim behind and in need of medical help but without the ability to seek that help, potentially worsening any injuries that happened in the crash.

Police in Chicago were alerted to a collision between two vehicles in the Pilsen neighborhood on Monday that resulted in the death of one person. The crash happened near the intersection of Morgan Street and 16th Street and may have happened when one driver failed to yield to the other. Following the crash, a 59-year-old female driver of one of the vehicles was left in critical condition and eventually died due to her injuries. The other car fled the scene and witnesses reported that two men were associated with the car but at this time, neither has been identified or located with regard to this collision.



When a hit-and-run accident happens in Chicago, police may initiate efforts to identify the driver that left the scene of the crash. If that driver is located, charges may be issued and the punishments may be severe. However, in addition, the victims of the accident may be able to bring separate charges for their injuries and may be entitled to financial payments for their losses.

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