Pit Bull Bites Two People in Lawndale

If you own a dog in Chicago or in the State of Illinois, it is your legal obligation to care for that dog in a safe manner that does not threaten others. Failing to do so may lead to a dog bite incident and can cause people to be injured, whether those people reside with the dog or are merely in the dog’s presence for a moment. Owners of an animal that attacks or otherwise harms another person are liable for the damages that result which can include medical bills, pain and suffering, and even payment for permanency of injuries like scarring or nerve pain. These damages can add up quickly if the dog attack results in significant harm.

Claims can be brought against the owner of an attacking or harmful animal or against anyone who had control, even if temporary, of that animal and can enable victims to obtain relief. However, these claims are complicated in many cases because laws may exist at the state and local level and therefore claims from city to city or county to county may vary. The complicated nature of these claims and the suffering that victims often endure are some reasons that those who have been injured may wish to speak with a personal injury lawyer to learn about their rights and whether their claim is valid before proceeding with a legal action.

Police are looking for the owner of a pit bull who bit two people on Tuesday night in the Chicago area and are currently searching for the dog as well. Reports indicate that a 15-year-old girl and an adult male were walking near the 3900 block of West Filmore Street in Lawndale when a pit bull emerged from a residential yard and approached the pair. The dog bit both the girl and the man at least once each and caused enough damage to send both victims to area hospitals where their current conditions are not known.



Animal attacks and dog bite incidents often affect the innocent, unsuspecting victims who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A disproportionately large number of dog attack victims are children, many of whom are placed in a home or a residence with a dangerous dog and who have no ability to avoid the animal.

When an accident happens and a child or an adult is hurt, the fallout can be significant and the medical treatment needed expensive. Fortunately, if the incident happens in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois, a victim may not be forced to bear the financial liability of that incident and rather an at-fault owner may be charged.

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