Amtrak Train Involved in Fatal Crash with Truck en route to Chicago

When thinking about a train accident in the Chicago area, many people visualize an incident where one train strikes another, causing a crash that affects those passengers on board the trains as well as any employees that may be working. But the possibilities that exist with train accidents is much broader than simply a crash between trains and in many cases will involve a small passenger vehicle like a car. A collision between a car and a train means that the train will almost always suffer the majority of the physical damage because of the large and heavy nature of a train and it also means that people in the car as well as those on the train may be injured.

Train crashes can produce a number of legal consequences that only compound if a victim is injured or killed. In many cases, those who are hurt are entitled to bring a legal claim for their injuries and may be able to recover financial compensation for their losses, including any pain and suffering they may endure. Speaking with a personal injury attorney in the Chicago area may help you understand your rights and options if a collision has affected your life or if your loved one has been hurt due to an accident with a train.

One person’s life ended abruptly yesterday when a collision between a truck and an Amtrak train occurred in Illinois, leaving that victim dead and causing significant damage to both vehicles. The crash happened in Alton, which is just outside of St. Louis, and took place at approximately 9:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The train reportedly was traveling between Texas and Chicago and was near its destination when the collision occurred. Though officials for Amtrak and local police were on the scene, the cause of the collision has not been released at this time but it has been reported that the crash happened at a marked crossing that was outfitted with gates and crossing lights. The victim that was killed was in the truck and may have been the only occupant. None of the people on board the train reported any injuries and none needed to be removed from the scene for medical purposes.



If you spend time in Chicago, train accidents may affect you if you ride a train, work on a train, walk near a train route, or drive a car. Even if you are a mere passenger in a vehicle, you could be affected by a train crash if your vehicle is involved in an incident, so make sure you understand your rights if you are at risk.

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