Suge Knight Accused of Fatal Hit-and-Run with Pedestrian

When a pedestrian and a vehicle collide, the pedestrian almost always suffers from personal injuries that can range from minor to severe. In the worst instances, victims may lose their lives due to these collisions including those pedestrian accidents that occur in Chicago.

At the time of a crash, a pedestrian victim may be struck, throw, or tossed due to impact and often lands on the ground or on another fixed object. In some cases, a pedestrian may end up underneath a vehicle. Regardless of what dynamics affect the sequence of events, pedestrian collisions are very dangerous to those involved and regularly leave a lasting impact on those who are hurt.

Relief may be possible to those victims of pedestrian collisions who are injured in the greater Chicago area should they choose to seek it. In many cases, multiple claims may be possible and may enable you to make a full financial recovery for your suffering so you may want to speak with a personal injury attorney if a crash has affected you or left your loved one injured.

Unfortunately, police in southern Los Angeles County, California have confirmed that a man lost his life last evening in a collision with a truck. Now, several witnesses have placed music producer and mogul Marion “Suge” Knight behind the wheel of that vehicle and there is speculation that Knight’s actions caused the victim his life.

According to witnesses, Suge Knight was on a movie shoot in Compton when a fight broke out between Knight and two other men. Knight reportedly got into his truck and left the scene, heading to a burger joint. Police state that a second fight occurred at the burger joint and that Knight got into his truck, put his vehicle in reverse, and ran over a man twice before he fled the scene. Suge Knight did not notify authorities of the incident or check on the status of his victim before he left, based on witness accounts.

Medical personnel attempted to help the victim of this incident but the man’s injuries were too severe and he died as a result of the collision. Reports indicate that the victim and Suge Knight were friends and that the two spent time together during the day before the fatal incident occurred. In addition to this victim, two other men reportedly were injured when Knight’s car reversed but their injuries are considered minor at this time and both are expected to survive.

Late last night, police held a press conference and announced that they were searching for Knight for questioning related to a murder. Some time later, Knight’s vehicle was found abandoned and at some point in the overnight hours, Suge Knight was located and arrested on murder charges. He is being held on $2 million bail. Some reports indicate that Knight turned himself into authorities and that he may have been fleeing from an assault when the collision occurred.



When a pedestrian crash happens, the actions by local police are state officials are not the only punishments that may face a responsible driver. Rather, a victim of that crash or a victim’s surviving family members may be entitled to seek their own help through a civil claim for damages and may be entitled to financial compensation for their suffering.

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