Guilty Plea in DUI Case Leads to 6 Year Prison Sentence

It takes only a split second to have your life changed forever if you are involved in a traffic accident in Chicago. Whether the responsible driver was speeding, driving while distracted, or even failed to yield at a light or stop sign, the results of the crash can be devastating and can affect you and your family for the rest of your days. Some incidents may seem more egregious because of a driver’s conduct prior to the impact, and one common scenario of that is when a motorist drives while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

DUI accidents in Chicago affect people of all ages, social statuses, genders, and races and can leave victims from the very young to the very old. Despite the risks of drinking and driving, motorists take to the roads every single day in Illinois when they are impaired and when they are prohibited by law from driving safely, leading to incidents where collisions may be inevitable. The most frustrating part of a drunk driving crash may be that none of them need occur; if drivers opted to refrain from driving, used a designated driver, or chose public transportation instead, no victims would be hurt in Chicago and no families would be left to suffer from those losses.

While drivers continue to operate drunk, injuries to victims will continue to result. The law recognizes this and therefore enables victims to seek relief for their suffering and their losses against those responsible. In many cases, claims can enable victims and their families to obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, depending on the injuries that occur. Speaking with a lawyer who handles personal injury cases may help you understand your options and your potential claims of a car crash has injured you or has otherwise affected your loved one.

In a Skokie courtroom on Monday, a judge sentenced a 38-year-old suspect to six years in prison after the man agreed to plead guilty to the charge of reckless homicide stemming from a car accident that occurred in October of 2009. The defendant originally faced charges including aggravated driving under the influence that resulted in death after an accident which took place near Oakton Street and Riverside Drive in Park Ridge and that claimed the life of two people inside the defendant’s vehicle.

Police and local authorities brought a case against the man and alleged that he operated his vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, contrary to and in violation of Illinois state laws. The officials further alleged that the man was speeding when he ran a red light and collided with a second vehicle, injuring both his 25-year-old and 37-year-old passengers as well as the driver of the second car. Both passengers lost their lives as a result of that incident but the other driver survived with less serious injuries.



In response to the criminal charges, the defendant agreed to plead guilty and received a six year prison sentence for his role in the crash that killed two people.

While criminal charges commonly result from a drunk driving accident, they are far from the only punishment that may be enacted against an impaired driver because, in addition to charges by the State of Illinois, victims may be able to obtain payment for their personal losses. In the tragic incident where a victim is killed, the right to seek relief may pass to that victim’s surviving family members.

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