Winter Storm Leads to Car Accidents across Chicago

Some in Chicago were hoping that winter weather would skip the city in 2015 and would wait until next year to return, but the storms that have been blanketing the city recently have put that hope to rest. Storms have brought snow, cold weather, ice, and some reported sleet to Chicago and have made it treacherous to get around the city by any means. Those that drive have been particularly sensitive to this change in weather as the stormy conditions have brought extra danger to the roads and expressways of Chicago.

Winter weather accidents can happen whenever the weather turns poor as it has this week. Combining cold and slippery conditions with fast moving vehicles increases the risk of a crash happening and can increase the severity of a collision if one does occur. The fortunate victims of these collisions are not hurt and can walk away with nothing more than the frustration that comes with a typical accident but not all are this lucky. Many will be hurt in collisions over the winter season and will be in need of medical help that can range from emergency treatment to follow up care and a rehabilitative regime. While these victims cannot erase the damage done to them, they may be able to recover financially for their expenses and suffering through the use of a civil claim. Personal injury lawyers in Chicago specialize in these claims and may be able to help you figure out your rights if you have been involved in a car accident or if your loved one was injured.

The blizzard that hit Chicago yesterday came right before the start of rush hour and made the drive hazardous for almost every driver on the street. In addition to the new snow that fell, high winds caused a lot of blowing that led to whiteout conditions in some areas and led to several car accidents in the greater Chicago area. Two semi-trucks collided on I-74 near Danville when a wind gust and ice on the road caused one truck to blow into the other and jackknife, injuring at least one of the drivers and limiting traffic in the area for some time. In a separate incident, a pickup truck left the road’s surface on I-57 and rolled over on the shoulder and into a ditch. The driver of that truck was hurt in the incident and was taken to an area hospital but was expected to survive.

The City of Chicago deployed numerous plow trucks to combat the weather conditions and to clean up the roads as much as possible but their actions were limited by the continuing snowfall and the blowing conditions. While plows did improve the roads significantly, authorities caution that road conditions may still be threatening during Friday’s morning rush hour and that drivers should be prepared for both snow and ice on the road surfaces.

Whiteout conditions can make it nearly impossible to avoid a collision but there are certain steps that drivers can take to improve their odds of making it to their destination safely. If you have been involved in a crash, it is likely that the weather was not the sole factor and it is possible that negligence on the part of one or more drivers involved played a role.

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