Clean Up Efforts Continue on I-94 Fatal Pileup

Winter weather is to blame in many car accidents that happen every year. Ice and snow can cause a vehicle to lose traction and to spin, possibly causing a collision with another car or with a fixed object. These collisions can be serious and often involve multiple cars in a chain reaction or even a pile-up crash. Though it is still early in the investigation, officials believe that winter weather could have been a factor in the deadly I-94 pileup that occurred yesterday in Indiana.

Crews are still on the scene today, attempting to tear apart the involved vehicles so that they can be removed piece by piece. The damage done to the cars involved was too severe to remove the cars individually and local authorities caution that as they remove debris, more cars may be found, meaning the potential for more victims.

A 17-year-old car passenger witnessed the start of the pileup in a rear view mirror and believes that the incident may have begun by a semi truck that jackknifed across the road and collided with a second semi. Several other semis were involved in the collision as were numerous passenger cars. At the present time, police have counted 46 vehicles involved, including 19 semi trucks. The damage was extensive.

In addition to the damage done to all vehicles involved, at least three people lost their lives. A couple from Michigan was killed as was a Chicago man who was traveling with his dog, who was also killed. The Chicago man was on his way to a family’s summer home to check on it, according to his daughter.

Another 20 people were injured in the crash with many of them needing emergency medical treatment. Some were transported by air ambulance to local hospitals due to the severity of their injuries. The conditions of the victims are not currently known.

Emergency crews were on the scene shortly after the 2:00 p.m. collision about 60 miles outside of Chicago. When they arrived, they discovered that they could not access some of the victims until vehicles were removed. Eastbound lanes of I-94 have been closed since the crash and will remain closed until all debris can be removed.

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