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Car accidents across the country are one of the greatest causes of unintentional death among all Americans every year. They are responsible for more deaths among older teens than almost anything else but car crashes affect people of all ages. In Chicago, like elsewhere in the country, the very young, the very old, and everyone in between can become the victims of a collision any time they are in or near a car.

If you have lived in Chicago for some time, chances are that you have been involved in a collision, whether as a driver or as a passenger. If you have been fortunate enough to avoid one, you may know a friend, neighbor, or coworker who has been in a collision and may have been hurt. Many people do not understand the rights that injury victims possess once a crash happens but in Illinois, victims have numerous rights that cannot be taken away or denied by an at-fault driver. Relief may be possible and may provide compensation for losses like medical expenses, missed income, or pain and suffering, depending on a unique crash. Speaking with a personal injury attorney in Chicago can help you move forward from a collision by letting you know your options and your legal rights if an accident has affected you.

Two vehicles collided in a head-on crash on Friday around 11:00 p.m. in West Chicago, according to local officials. The incident took place near Route 59 and Gary’s Mill Road and left one person dead and two others injured.

When officials arrived on the scene, they noticed that one of the two vehicles was on fire after the crash. Bystanders pulled two male victims out of the second vehicle before authorities arrived as both those men were hurt and were reportedly unable to exit the vehicle under their own power.

Emergency medical crews transported the two men pulled from the second car to an area hospital for treatment of unknown injuries. Their current conditions are not clear nor is it known whether either man was driving the vehicle prior to the impact. A third person involved in the crash was killed due to the accident but that victim’s identity has not been released.



Police remained at the scene for several hours on Friday night and into Saturday morning as they reviewed information and cleared debris from the road. The investigation is ongoing at this time and the results of the review may determine if anyone is placed at-fault for the crash or if any citations are issued.

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