Bassist for Black Tusk, Heavy Metal Band, Dead after Motorcycle Accident

While the weather may be turning cold in Chicago and snow may be in the forecast, there are some motorcycle riders who are still taking to the streets of the city, riding to and from their daily destinations or simply riding for fun. Hundreds of thousands of bikers in more temperate areas of the country, including the south and the west, likewise are riding regularly at this time of year. With motorcycles as legal means of transit across the country, it becomes every driver’s duty to watch for and act safely in the presence of a bike.

Too often, motorcycle accidents occur and leave those involved with serious or even fatal injuries. Victims who are hurt in the Chicago area or in the state of Illinois may be unable to avoid these injuries but may be able to obtain needed financial relief to help them get back on their feet from the damages caused by a crash. The facts and circumstances surrounding an individual accident can determine what legal claims may be available so it is a good idea to consult with a personal injury lawyer if you have been hurt.

Officials in Georgia have confirmed that a Friday night motorcycle accident has led to the death of Jonathan Athon, best known as the bassist for heavy metal band, Black Tusk. The Friday night crash reportedly occurred when a motorcycle ridden by Athon collided with an SUV in downtown Savannah. Emergency crews responded and transported Athon to a local hospital where he was put into a medically-induced coma and was placed on life support. According to band mates, testing revealed brain damage to Athon that was permanent and therefore a decision was made to remove Athon from life support pursuant to his prior directions. He died Sunday in the Georgia hospital.

At this time, it is not clear what factors led to the collision or whether either motorist involved erred prior to the crash. Officials have confirmed that Athon had a 26-year-old female passenger on his motorcycle and that the woman survived the incident. She is still receiving medical treatment but is expected to make a full recovery at this time. There is no word on whether anyone in the SUV was harmed in the crash.

Black Tusk formed as a band in 2005 in Savannah with its three members calling Savannah home. The surviving members of the band confirmed Athon’s death on their website this week as well on social media outlets, including Facebook, where fans have expressed their support and condolences.



Motorcycle accidents can affect anyone, whether that person is famous or not, and can even affect motorists who do not ride a bike. When a crash with a motorcycle happens, injuries almost always result with a biker bearing the brunt of the damage when a larger vehicle, like a car or truck, is involved.

While the damage done by a collision cannot be erased, victims of these accidents may be able to make a financial recovery to help them get the treatment they need. Additionally, compensation can help cover damages like lost wages and pain and suffering that stem from an accident.

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