2 Children, 2 Adults Injured in Chicago Car Crash

Innovation takes place every year in the manufacturer of vehicles with the intention of making cars, trucks, and vans safer for those who rely on them for transportation. Whether it is the integration of a back-up camera in a vehicle’s dash, the inclusion of side curtain airbags, or even an automatic braking system in the event that a collision is anticipated, modern vehicles have made great strides in increasing safety among those inside a vehicle.

Yet regardless of the safety features involved, those who are part of a collision may still sustain injuries in a crash. The truth of the matter is that the most cautious and responsible driver in the entire Chicago area cannot guarantee that she will not be hurt in a collision as the actions of other drivers on the road are often what cause a crash. When these accidents happen, innocent victims may face serious injuries and steep medical bills without any means to address their losses. Fortunately, the government in Illinois and the laws in Chicago enable these victims to obtain a monetary settlement in many cases against an at-fault driver to cover their losses. Even passengers inside a car who are injured due to the driver of that car’s actions may be entitled to relief. Speaking to a personal injury lawyer following an accident may help you understand your legal options if you have been involved in a Chicago car accident, including whether you have a valid claim for your losses.

Shortly before 6:00 a.m. today, a car was involved in a crash near Kostner Avenue and Fullerton Avenue in Chicago, sending two adults to the hospital and leaving two children in serious to critical condition. According to authorities who responded to the scene, one of the children involved was thrown from the vehicle upon impact, leading the child to land outside of the car and sustain serious injuries. It is unclear whether that child or a second child, who remained inside the vehicle, were restrained as required by Illinois law.

Authorities have not released details on the nature of the relationship between the adults and the children involved in the crash. At this time, it appears that the children sustained injuries more severe than the adults but all four victims were taken to hospitals in Chicago for treatment of unspecified injuries.

Officials are still reviewing the facts of the accident and trying to determine what led to the collision, including whether the driver involved or any other individual acted negligently or recklessly in the moments prior to impact. No charges have been issued at this time.



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