Car Hits Nursing Home on North Side Chicago

It sounds like something that should never happen: a car leaves the street and collides into a building, causing serious damage to the structure and possibly those inside. Yet every year, Chicago experiences several of these car accidents, many of which result in injuries to those in the car or those in the building.

Injury lawyers regularly receive calls following these accidents by those who sustained injuries, wondering whether they have a valid claim for their damages and whether they can recover against a responsible person or entity. In many cases, a civil claim for damages is available and victims can recover a judgment they deserve.

One such collision occurred early this morning on the north side of Chicago when a sedan collided with the side of a nursing home in Rogers Park. Police received notice of the incident and responded shortly after 1:30 a.m. where they found the sedan partially inside the Waterford Nursing Home, abandoned by its driver. No other people were located in or around the car and it was not clear whether the owner of the car was operating the vehicle at the time of the crash.

Though still early, it appears that no residents of the nursing home were injured in the incident which left substantial damage to the front of the building. This may be due to the fact that the car is believed to have struck a common area of the home that may have been empty due to the early hour at which the collision occurred.

Whether the car had only one occupant or carried more, it is unclear whether those in the vehicle were injured but police are conducting an investigation to determine who was driving and whether charges will be filed.

In an ideal situation, collisions like the one that occurred this morning would never occur, but as long as they continue to happen, the best thing that can result is an incident with no injuries. Hopefully that will be the case following this crash.



If a car accident causes one or more people to become injured, though, the laws in Chicago and in Illinois allow those injured to seek financial compensation against the responsible individual or owner of the car, either personally or through automobile insurance coverage. These claims can allow an accident victim to obtain payment to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any lost wages the victim was unable to earn due to his or her injuries.

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