Hit-And-Run Driver Kills Pedestrian in Chicago

If you live in, work in, or visit Chicago on occasion, chances are that you have walked along the city’s sidewalks and likely crossed the streets at an intersection or two. That is because that at some point, most people are pedestrians. Even those that commute by car, bus or train tend to walk from a parking spot or a transit stop to their final destination. With everyone taking on the role of a pedestrian, it would seem that the safety of walkers in the city would be a top concern among drivers.

Unfortunately, though, that is not always the case. Too often, drivers pay attention only to other motor vehicles on the roads and not to those walking. This leads to thousands of pedestrian accidents in Chicago and across the rest of Illinois every year with many of those accidents resulting in injuries to the pedestrians involved. In some accidents, those drivers and passengers inside an involved vehicle may also be hurt in the crash.

When injuries result due to a driver’s negligence, those harmed may be entitled to seek relief for their damages, including any medical and surgical bills they must incur for treatment related to the accident. Speaking with a lawyer who represents injury victims may help you understand if you are entitled to such relief, and if so, what types of claims may be available to you after an accident.

In the worst collisions, a pedestrian may lose his or her life due to the crash and may leave behind loved ones who will experience that loss forever. Though no amount of relief can ever cover this type of damage, the family members of a victim who is killed may have the right to seek a claim for their damages and relief may be able to ease the financial burden left when a loved one is taken.

Police in Chicago responded to the scene of a pedestrian accident in the south side neighborhood of Pill Hill around 5:30 this morning. When they arrived, they determined that a female had been walking in the area of 9100 South Euclid Avenue when an unknown vehicle approached and struck her, causing injuries that led to her death. Officials have not yet identified the vehicle or the driver involved in the crash and are still investigating at this time.

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