Home Hit in 5 Separate Car Accidents Illustrates Problems with Dangerous Intersections

Car accidents, like other traffic collision, always occur for a reason. Sometimes it is an error on the part of a driver. Sometimes it is a mistake on the part of a pedestrian. Sometimes a bicyclist may fail to yield the right-of-way. And yet in other instances, fault can still be attributed in a crash but may belong on the shoulders of someone who was not involved like the manufacturer of a faulty tire or a mechanic who performed inadequate repairs to a vehicle.

But what if a roadway is dangerous on its face? What if a design flaw makes an area, an intersection, or a turn so unreasonable that an accident takes place for no other reason? In those instances, it may be the fault of a city, a state, or a municipality that owns, maintains, or otherwise is responsible for the road with the defect. It is even possible that a city engineer who designed the area may be to blame. These instances can be immensely complex and nearly impossible for a typical motorist to sort through so consulting with an experienced attorney may be helpful if you have questions or concerns.

A troublesome intersection is something that a family in Raleigh, North Carolina knows all too well as for the fifth time in the last eight years, a car driving through the intersection has collided with their home. These incidents have taken place in a northeast portion of Raleigh and have prompted speculation among many with regards to the safety of those who dwell nearby.

The city of Raleigh has taken steps between the first incident eight years ago and prior to the most recent crash to make the area safer. Reports indicate that poor signage has been replaced, lighting has been increased, and future repairs call for raised paving in some portions. But still, accidents continue to happen.

The homeowner whose house continues to be involved in crashes has requested that the city install a guard rail in front of his home to prevent errant vehicles from leaving the roadway. But the city has claimed that a guardrail will decrease visibility for drivers traveling in a different direction and therefore it is not a viable solution.

In the most recent incident, the driver involved lost his life and both speed and alcohol were believed to be a factor. Fortunately, no one inside the home was hurt.

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