Is It Safe to Ride a Motorcycle in the Dark?

There are approximately 240,000 registered motorcycles in the State of Illinois right now and most of those take to the road at some point each year. While it is unusual to see a motorcycle during Chicago’s bitter winters, it is possible to come across a rider during any month of the year, a reason that motorcycle safety should be important not only to those who ride but also to anyone who drives a car in Illinois.

Among riders, there are many different styles. Some like to cruise for pleasure during nice weather while others utilize a motorcycle as their primary means of transportation. But there are plenty of issues that all bikers can identify with to some extent, and one of those continues to be the time of day that bikers ride. Specifically, in the biking community, there is plenty of discussion about whether it is safe to ride after the sun sets, and if so, what actions bikers should take to increase their safety as much as possible.

The best way to stay safe while riding a motorcycle is to increase your visibility – regardless of the time of day. If you will be riding at night, consider actions that will counteract the darkness that will surround you and take steps to make those actions a reality. Make sure your motorcycle’s headlight is in proper working condition and, if necessary, add additional lighting or higher powered lighting to help other drivers see you. When you get dressed, make sure you opt for light colored clothing or clothing with reflective areas on it so that motorists near you will be more likely to see you when light falls upon you and upon your bike. This goes for helmets, too, and though you might like the look of a black matte design, consider visibility when you are selecting a helmet if you plan to ride at night.

Your actions while on a bike can make a significant difference in your overall safety as well so make sure you ride with caution. Refrain from speeding or driving at an excessive rate as it will be more difficult for others to notice you in a timely manner and take evasive action if necessary. Also, riding too quickly may let you outrun your headlight which will prevent your headlight from illuminating any hazards in the road that may come your way. Be confident that your motorcycle is in proper working order before you take to the streets and never, ever ride after you have been drinking.

Even if you take every safety precaution possible, you may still find yourself the injured victim of a motorcycle accident like thousands of riders do every year in the greater Chicago area. If that happens, know your legal rights and take the action you need to preserve your right to obtain financial payment for your injuries by calling a personal injury attorney with experience representing bikers and their families.

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