Why Road Rage Incidents are Dangerous to Chicago Drivers

In an August article, Forbes determined Chicago to be the 8th worst city in the entire country for commuters based on distance that must be traveled, average commute, time, and congestion, among other issues. If you live in or work in Chicago, this likely comes as no surprise to you since you have probably experienced the frustration that often occurs to those behind the wheel.

Traffic issues can lead tempers to flare and can cause anguish to those who are trying to get from one point to another, slowed and inconvenienced by factors beyond their control. When time is of the essence, some drivers may lose their temper and may attempt to act on their frustration by engaging in some form of aggressive driving in an effort to avoid the problems in front of them. Yet other aggressive driving situations can stem from a congestion-free incident that happens on the roadway as well, like an instance where one motorist fails to yield the right-of-way to another or where one driver cuts off a second.

Aggressive driving can take many forms but when it escalates to a category of assault with a motor vehicle, generally it is labeled road rage, a common phrase heard across the country but one that is not always understood. Road rage is a criminal offense that can lead to significant punishments among those involved, whether those punishments take the form of fines, fees, loss of a license, or even incarceration in jail or prison.

If you believe that you are a safe driver and therefore do not need to worry about road rage, it is important to know that you may be incorrect. A recent national study revealed that approximately 50 percent of motorists respond to aggression with aggression of their own, which means that even if you drive in a reasonable manner, your behavior may change based on the actions of others around you.

And even if you are one of the drivers who can refrain from acting aggressively in response to aggression, you may still be at risk of a crash. The truth is that if someone is driving negligently in your proximity, that motorist may cause a collision that may involve your car – even if you do nothing wrong.

Therefore, it is important for everyone in Chicago who drives and for all those who ride as a passenger to understand the laws around road road in Illinois and what options may exist if they happen to find themselves the victim of a road rage car accident.

In Chicago, no one has the right to drive a vehicle in manner that threatens public safety and doing so may be a violation of the law. If that conduct causes an impact to occur, anyone hurt in that collision may be entitled to seek financial compensation for his or her damages against those responsible, including an at-fault driver or that driver’s insurance company, and victims can make a monetary recovery for their harm. A typical claim seeks payment for things like medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and the permanency of any injuries but a claim always depends on the facts of a particular collision so victims should consult with an experienced professional.



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