Are Chicago Taxi Cabs a Safe Way to Experience the City?

Taxi cabs are a staple in and around Chicago, serving both those who call the city home and those who come to Chicago for vacation. Without cabs, the roads would be more crowded with motorists unfamiliar with where they were driving and parking in the downtown area would be impossible. But most people who utilize taxis fail to think about their personal safety before they get into a vehicle, begging the question of exactly what a passenger risks when they travel by cab in Illinois.

Like most forms of transportation, taxi cabs can be safe or they can be very dangerous. Much of the difference is determined by the cab itself and by the individual driving the cab.

Initially, the cab itself can lead to a safe or a risky ride for passengers due to mechanical issues or general repair concerns. If a taxi cab is in good condition, regularly gets serviced, and has no malfunctioning safety features, the odds of a passenger remaining safe are decent. However, if a cab is in need of repair, has excessively worn tire, possesses faulty brakes or has damage to other features, a passenger is more likely to be involved in a collision and may sustain injuries as a result.

But typically, the biggest factor affecting the safety of a person riding in a cab is the conduct and behavior of that cab’s operator. There is pressure for a cab driver to get riders to a destination quickly so that the fare, based in part on time, is as low as possible. Often, riders who are happy with a low fare will show their appreciation with a tip to the cab driver, a significant amount of the revenue earned by most taxi operators. This pressure to arrive somewhere quickly can lead a driver to speed, run yellow or even red lights, roll through stop signs, and fail to yield the right-of-way, all extremely dangerous behaviors that make a taxi cab accident much more likely than it otherwise would be.



Taxi cabs in Chicago can be safe or they can be dangerous, and unfortunately, passengers often do not know what they are in for until after they have entered a cab. Those who are injured in taxi cab crashes should be aware that Illinois state laws may entitle them to obtain a financial settlement for their injuries and against those responsible, whether it is a cab driver, a cab company, an insurance company, or even another motorist.

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