Rear-End Car Accident on I-80 Leaves Two Hurt

Car accidents take one of many common forms or designs but among all the types of collisions, one is the most common. In the country, approximately one out of every three collisions is a rear-end crash and that statistic holds true in the greater Chicago area. Some of these accidents are minor and result only in damage to property – a dented bumper, some scraped up paint. But some are more significant and may cause injuries or even death to those involved.

Often, those who are involved in a rear-end car accident believe that they escaped unharmed, worried instead about the damage to their car or to their inconvenience due to the crash. But these same victims may realize that as time begins to pass, their injuries begin to reveal themselves as muscles tighten, spasm, and contract. Injuries to the back and/or neck are particularly common in rear-end crashes as are concussions, abrasions, and lacerations.

Often, those who are hurt are unaware of the extent of their legal rights and options when a collision occurs in the Chicago area and they do not know where to turn to get answers. In most cases, victims possess the right to seek a financial recovery for their damages against any person or any entity that caused their harm. In some cases, that may be an at-fault driver or that driver’s insurance company. In others, it might be a corporation that employed the driver or that owned the vehicle. Yet in others, a city, state, or municipality could be to blame. Speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney and asking questions about your rights can help you understand whether you have a valid claim and, if so, who the law may deem responsible for your suffering.

In the early morning hours on Monday, a two car collision occurred on I-80 in Tinley Park that left both drivers involved with injuries. Police on the scene reported that a westbound pickup truck rear-ended an SUV near the exit for Oak Park Avenue around 2:00 a.m. The impact from the crash reportedly caused the pickup driver to lose control, leading that vehicle to leave the road’s surface and roll over at least once before coming to a rest in a grassy area.

Emergency crews at the scene assessed both drivers and transported them to area hospitals for injuries that were not disclosed. It is not believed that either driver had passengers in his or her vehicle when the collision occurred and it is not clear whether anyone involved will face traffic charges related to this crash.



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