One Killed, Two Injured in Head-On Collision in Yorkville

Head-on car accidents are a very dangerous form of collisions that often result in injuries or even death to those involved. In many cases, a head-on crash occurs when two vehicles traveling in opposite directions on the same roadway pass one another in an intersection. This can be a safe maneuver if each driver maintains his or her position within a lane but if one motorist crosses a dividing line, both vehicles can end up in the same place at the same time, causing a collision.

In other cases, vehicles may be traveling in opposite directions on the same road but be nowhere near an intersection. If one car drifts across the center line, a head-on crash may happen. Every year, Chicago experiences crashes where one car drives the wrong way down a one-way street and collides in a head-on manner with a vehicle traveling the correct way.

Regardless of the cause of the car accident itself, head-on impacts can cause devastation in their wake. They are disproportionately responsible for fatalities across the nation and they are known to cause significant or even permanent injuries. When an innocent victim is the one suffering from such a collision, it seems even more unfair.

Fortunately, victims who are hurt in the Chicago area or elsewhere across Illinois can obtain relief if they choose to seek it. By bringing a personal injury action for the harm they sustained, victims may be able to recover for things including medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Recoveries can be possible against an at-fault driver, that driver’s insurance company, a corporation, a city or municipality, or even a victim’s own insurance company in some situations. If you have questions or are wondering about your rights following an accident, speaking with a personal injury lawyer may give you the information you need.

Unfortunately, police in Yorkville confirmed that a collision there on Monday morning proved to be fatal and that one person was killed in the crash. Though details are still emerging, police believe that a sedan was traveling southbound on Route 71 near Budd Road when it attempted to pass a second vehicle. The sedan crossed into the lane marked for northbound traffic where it collided head-on with a northbound vehicle, causing a significant impact. A passenger inside the sedan was killed in the collision and the driver of the sedan as well as the driver of the northbound car were both injured.

Emergency crews transported each driver to an area hospital for treatment of undisclosed injuries that were related to the car accident. An investigation into the collision remains open at this time.



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