Crash Near Illinois Border Leaves 1 Dead

Car accidents are such a serious and pervasive threat to the safety of motorists in America that the trends associated with them are monitored closely. Numerous federal and independent agencies record data related to car crashes so that the data can be reviewed and new safety procedures implemented, all in an attempt to prevent future collisions and to save lives that otherwise may have been lost in those accidents.

One such agency, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, reports that 32,719 people were killed in traffic-related accidents in 2013 alone in the United States. Though much of the devastation caused in a collision cannot be measured monetarily, the best estimates of the financial harm caused by those crashes is $242 billion. Chicago saw its fair share of accidents in 2013 and collisions continue to strike in the city every day. As a result, citizens are left in need of medical care, forced to miss time from work as they recover, and sustain other damages like pain and suffering.

The financial toll that may be forced upon the victim of a Chicago car accident can be extreme and can leave some people unable to get the help that they need. Fortunately, the laws in Illinois are on the side of victims and those laws enable victims to seek payment from an insurance company or an at-fault driver when a collision happens. This payment can help the victim recover fully and can make sure that the financial burden falls on the shoulders of the person responsible for the crash.

Bringing these claims can be challenging and can involve complicated legal principals and in-court battles. If you have been hurt, you may get clarity regarding your rights by speaking with a personal injury attorney.

A collision involving multiple cars near the Indiana/Illinois border occurred on Tuesday night and claimed the life of one woman, according to local police. The incident allegedly began with one driver operating at a high rate of speed and in an erratic manner near 61st Avenue and Marcella Boulevard in Gary. That driver, a female, reportedly struck a second vehicle near the intersection and fled the scene before causing an additional accident at Colorado Street.

Police report that a third vehicle was involved in the collision near Marcella and 61st but it is not yet clear how that car was hit. One of the drivers in the vehicles at that intersection lost her life due to her injuries and it is not known whether other motorists needed medical help.

The suspected at-fault driver was apprehended following the second impact and may or may not be charged, pending the outcome of a police investigation.



If you have been the victim of a car accident in Chicago or in one of the surrounding suburbs, make sure you understand your legal options and whether you have a valid claim for your damages. It can be complicated but the attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. are standing by 24 hours a day to remove the guesswork and to help you move beyond a collision and past your injuries.

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