Head-On Crash near Grayslake Leaves One Dead, Several Injured

Experts consider head-on car accidents to fall into one of two broad categories: those that occur at intersections and those that do not. Both types have the potential to cause extreme devastation to the drivers and passengers involved but the types of crashes often stem from varied causes, making classification helpful.

At an intersection, drivers collide in a head-on manner most often when a motorist fails to yield the right-of-way or obey a traffic light. Other crashes may happen if one driver attempts to make a turn when oncoming traffic is present or if a motorist fails to navigate the intersection appropriately, especially when an intersection involves the crossing of more than two roads. Perhaps more common, collisions that involve head-on impacts which occur away from intersections are very dangerous and typically involve medium or high speeds. These tend to occur when a driver is distracted and crosses the center line or runs off the road. Alternatively, they occur due to some intentional action by a motorist like trying to pass on a two-lane road when it is not clear to do so.

Regardless of how the head-on collision took place, when one happens in the Chicago area, those who are involved are protected with certain legal rights that may entitle them to seek compensation for their injuries. A typical claim can involve payment to a victim for losses like missed wages, medical expenses incurred, and pain and suffering. Anyone who caused the collision may be held liable for these damages and insurance companies that cover the drivers or vehicles involved. As each collision is unique and the facts are critically important in determining who is liable, speaking with a personal injury attorney is a good first step that many victims decide to take.

Unfortunately, the worst collisions claim the lives of one or more individuals involved and no amount of money can ever be considered adequate for those damages. However, the surviving family members of those victims may be able to obtain relief to help them with the financial hardships that emerge following a loved one’s death if the claim is brought in accordance with state law.

On Monday afternoon, police in Lake County confirmed that a four vehicle collision near Grayslake left one person dead and sent others to area hospitals with injuries. The accident occurred near Belvidere Road and Battershall Road and is believed to have been caused by a vehicle crossing the center line. Authorities report that the driver of a landscaping truck hauling a trailer crossed the center line and collided head-on with a second truck. That first driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle, struck a passenger car, and then a minivan.

The driver of the passenger car was pronounced dead at the scene and the drivers of the two trucks were both injured. Two other people, including the driver of the minivan, sustained minor injuries and did not need to be taken to area hospitals.

Authorities have not yet released the cause of the accident or stated why they believe the landscaping truck crossed the center line. It is also not clear whether any driver has been or will be charged in relation to this incident.



If you have been involved in a head-on car accident in Chicago or the suburbs, make sure you understand your rights and make sure they are protected. Call the personal injury attorneys at Abels & Annes, P.C. now to verify whether you have a valid claim or call us later because we are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to speak with you.

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