Speed a Possible Factor in Park Ridge Car Accident

Several agencies track speed-related data when it contributes to car accidents in an attempt to understand the nature of those collisions and even how they may be prevented. One federal agency, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”), considers a crash to be speed-related if a driver is issued a ticket for speeding, if a police report reflects that a motorist was driving too fast for conditions, or if a police officer indicates that racing was involved. With these criteria, the NHTSA determined that speeding was a factor in 30 percent of all fatal crashes that happened in 2012 and that 10,219 people were killed in those accidents. The NHTSA further estimates that every year, speed-related collisions cost the country $40.2 billion.

Typically, the younger a driver is, the more likely that driver is to speed and male speeders are more common than females. Speed often combines with other factors to make a collision more likely and one of the most common pairings for crashes in Chicago is the interplay between speed and driving under the influence of alcohol. National studies indicate that roughly 50 percent of all drunk drivers speed while they are behind the wheel.

Speeding is a threat to the safety of all drivers on the roads, not just those who choose to speed, and as a result, the dangers of speeding should not be ignored. Unfortunately, not every speeder is apprehended before a collision takes place and many of those accidents cause injuries to Chicago residents, causing them to incur medical expenses and endure pain and suffering. While these crashes cannot be undone once they occur, victims may be entitled to seek financial compensation for their injuries through the use of a civil claim for damages. Speaking with a lawyer who handles personal injury actions may illuminate your rights and options if you have been victimized by the actions of a speeding driver.

Today, police in Park Ridge are reviewing the facts of an accident that left four people with injuries and that may have involved speeding. Officials believe that an SUV was near the intersection of Devon Avenue and Cumberland and was traveling at a high rate of speed last night when the driver allegedly ran a red light and collided with a second vehicle in the intersection. Three people, including the driver, were inside the SUV at the time and all sustained injuries. The two passengers were both ejected from the vehicle and listed in serious condition with ailments that were not disclosed.

The driver of the second vehicle was also hurt in the incident but was expected to survive.



Car accidents happen daily in Chicago and the vast majority of them are due to negligent or reckless conduct by the part of one or more driver involved. If you were involved in an accident that left you hurt or that claimed the life of your loved one, make sure you understand your legal options and whether you have a valid claim for financial relief.

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